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Retail Customer - Pre-sales Services

The following checklist helps our potential customers to decide what kind of Character Input Systems (CIS) they need :

1. Are you a professional or a casual user of a CIS?

Professional users need a full keyboard based CIS, which allows them to type massive amount of texts at very high speed. If you are in this type of user, Qcode CIS is suitable for you. There are many full keyboard based CIS around, yet Qcode CIS requires least amount of training hours, and has been proven very efficient for professional users.

For casual users, Q9 CIS is recommended, because it normally just takes 3 to 5 minutes to explain to a new user the very simple logic of Q9. Q9 allows casual users to input characters at reasonably high speed. Given sufficient practice, input speed of over 120 characters per minute has proven to be achievable. Some casual users have chosen to use other intuitively simple CIS or hand written input systems over Q9, but what they don't realize is that their input speed is much slower than Q9 as the input speed of these systems seldom exceed 40 characters per minute.

2. Do you need to use Character Input Systems on different electronic devices?

No one want to use different input systems for different electronic devices. You need an input system which can apply to a wide range of electronic devices, and save unnecessary relearning. Q9 is designed to work on different electronic devices, and has been implemented on a wide range of electronic devices in any of its competitive products.

3. Do you need special functions for your Input System?

Special functions we designed may help you quickly and easily find the right character(s), the right phrase(s), the right translation(s), the right pronunciation, and the characters which pronounce very similar to the character you want but do not know how to write. No other input systems have all of these special functions, other than Q9 CIS.




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