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Qcode CIS - Rule

Head Tail
Head Head Tail

Characters indivisible into two parts: Head Tail.
Characters divisible into two parts: Head Head Tail

Qcode chinese input method rule

Regular 1:
Simple characters take Head Tail
Regular 2 :
Composite characters take Head for the left part and Head Tail for the right.



Simple character & Composite character

We call characters like "喜" as simple characters. This kind of characters just takes Head Tail which are "土" and "口" respectively.

If a character is divisible into 2 parts, it is called composite character. Take "囍" as an example. We need to input "土", "土" and "口". However, not all composite characters need to input Head, Head and Tail. Certain composite characters have right part that is indivisible into word roots. In the examples of "快" and "碼", their right parts alone are word roots. You just have to input "" and "夬" for "快", and "石" and "馬" for "碼".

Therefore, 70% of the commonly used characters can be inputted with only two keystrokes. That is why Qcode chinese input method is so speedy and easy to use.




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