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Intelligent Character Display System

Character Display System (CDS) is one of the projects that the company's technical team is planning to pursue. CDS is an efficient Character Generating and Output System that presents by global Chinese characters.

Beside the problems for inputting and processing Chinese, one may also encounter the problem of presenting (outputting) a language in an accurate manner. Currently, there are different encoding systems to present Chinese in different regions/countries (such as BIG5, GB and Unicode), but these systems are not compatible with each other. As a result, one might not be able to read Chinese on a particular web site if one has not installed the appropriate encoding system software. One can also assign special characters in each encoding method, but these customized coding are generally incompatible with each other.

The new generation of Electronic book and interactive electronic and information appliances are gaining popularity. To display texts from various regions accurately, it is necessary to have a system with global adaptability. To ensure efficient electronic communication in Chinese, it is essential to develop an efficient Character Generating and Output System that can be adopted by global Chinese readers.




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