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Company Profile

Qcode Information Technology Ltd. (or the Group), a wholly owned subsidiary of Q9 Technology Holdings Ltd., was founded in 1995 by Mr. Mark Leung and award winning software expert Mr. Vincent Lau. Q9 Technology Group is one of the leading language input technology companies.

Products and Services

Matrix Mapping System

The Group's principal technological innovation is its proprietary "matrix mapping system" for inputting languages and operating functions and features of small- and medium-sized electronic devices. This methodology allows users to input any symbolic or phonetic based language using a numeric keypad or mouse or touch screen based input system. The principal advantage of the "matrix mapping system" is to shorten the time required and simplify input of information, and to shorten development time of character input system for any language in a consistent and efficient manner.

Q9 Character Input System (CIS)

The Group's flagship product Q9 Character Input System ("CIS"), which was first introduced in Hong Kong in September 1999, is the first character-based language system being successfully developed using the Group's proprietary "matrix mapping system" for inputting Chinese characters. The Group's Q9 CIS was designed for character input using numeric keypad, joystick or arrow keys with broad interfaces to multi-platforms, including mobile telephones, PDAs and PCs. Q9 CIS is a genuine innovation that will become the standard Chinese input technology in the era of mobile communication, and it also has the potential to be the standard character input technology for other languages.

Q9 Technology's current product portfolio includes Q9 language input solutions for Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean for a variety of electronic devices operated on different platforms, and Qcode keyboard-based Chinese CIS. The Group intends to make Q9 available anywhere. "Q9 Anywhere" is the slogan of the group.

The initial marketing focus of Q9 is the Greater China Region, where a majority of the 1.3 billion Chinese is not able to speak and write in English. Q9 pioneers in this huge and fast growing market lacking in interoperable input solution. The Group grasped the huge market potential of Q9 in not only Chinese, but also in English, Japanese and Korean. The Group plans to launch Q9 versions for English, Japanese and Korean in 2001, and to develop Arabic, Thai and other European language versions thereafter.

Qcode Chinese Input System

Qcode is a Chinese input system which uses a conventional "Qwerty" keyboard and selects characters according to a character's resemblance in shape to the different Roman letters and Arabic numbers on the keyboard. The system mimics more closely the reader's pattern recognition of Chinese characters. This has enabled Qcode to reduce the number of keystrokes necessary to input a character to an average of 2.1 keystrokes for a character. In addition, Qcode also makes use of Cantonese, Pin Yin and Zu Yin phonetic input methods, user defined phrase functions, a dictionary and the identification of similar pronunciation of words as secondary input tools.





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