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Product Sales

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  2. Reseller

  3. Other Sales

    Corporate Sales

    Licensing arrangement could be made for corporation interested in purchasing our line of products in-group. Should your company require further assistance and would like to acquire more information about our line of products, please do not hesitate to contact sales departmentHong Kong, PRC.

    Education Institutes Sales

    To promote Chinese language education and Chinese computer usage in the education level, our group has special promotional offers targeted for all levels of schools and education institutes in Hong Kong, PRC and the rest of the Greater China region. For more information, please contact Hong Kong

    Retail Sales

    Package Purchase

    Interested parties can also purchase our products from our two retail outlets in Hong Kong and computer stores and bookstores through our distribution agents.
    User can refer the detail information of the retail software.

    Product Evaluation

    If you are interested in evaluating our product for 30 days before making purchase, please feel free to visit our download page to get the evaluation version of your choice.

    International Distribution

    Please feel free to contact our international distributors in different regions for further information.

    OEM Sales and Bundling Arrangement

    For OEM manufacturers and resellers and institutionsthat are interested in incorporating Q9 CIS or our other line of products into their products, please feel free to contact OEM Department for more information.




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