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Education and Q9 CIS

Q9 Character Input System is a revolutionary product for Chinese input system, and it is the only CIS for non-professional users. As an educational tool for all education institutions in the Great China region, Q9 CIS has its own advantages. Such advantageous functions will probably make Q9 CIS one of the best input and education tools in the education segment in Hong Kong, PRC and other parts of the Greater China region:
  1. Q9 CIS can be easily grasped by users and to learn and apply. It is suitable for people aged from 6 to 70.
  2. Q9 can be used in all information platforms(such as Windows、MAC、iOS and Android os etc). One can input Chinese characters easily in different information platforms after learning Q9.
  3. Q9 is not only a CIS, but also an ideal educational tool. It has functions of Mandarin pronunciation, phonetic search, Pinyin input, traditional and simplified Chinese character input, idiomatic phrase and Chinese-English bi-directional dictionary, which are good for Chinese education.
  4. If one does not know how to input one character, one can select the shape of the upper part of the characters and choose the desired character in the pop-up selection screen.
  5. Users can choose traditional characters for Hong Kong and Taiwan, or simplified characters for PRC; they can also choose pinyin input and zhuyin input.
So far, more than 400 schools in Hong Kong included Q9 CIS as part of their teaching curriculum in Chinese input education, these schools including primary and secondary schools, universities and other tertiary education institutes, adult education institutes and special education institutes.

On December 21, 2000, Qcode Information Technology Limited ("Qcode") has jointly launched a special software promotion campaign with HKeducationCITY.net of Education Department of HKSAR. Upon this special promotion, Q9 Character Input System ("CIS") in Chinese will be introduced to over 1,330 secondary and primary schools and all other education institutions in Hong Kong with more than one million teachers and students. It is our company's pleasure to be recognized by HKeducationCITY.net and jointly promote Q9 CIS to become one of the leading Chinese input methods and education tools.

To promote Chinese language education and Chinese computer usage in the education level, Qcode has participated all the IT monthly meetings of HKeducationCity.net, including the Chinese Input Method Forum on March 3, 2001. On the other hand, due to high popularity, Qcode has announced that the special software promotion campaign is extended to the end of March 2001. So far, more than 400 education institutes are using Q9 CIS as an educational tool since Q9 CIS has launched.

To further illustrate Qcode's dedication in Chinese input education, Qcode has launched a Q9 2000 free education version to promote Chinese input method to all education institutions on March 3, 2001. And co-operated with  HKeducationCITY, Small Campus, Hong Kong Schools Zone and Babamama.com.

For further information of “Q9 W10 Education Version and “Q9 W10 student and home version”, please visit here or contact us.




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